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(no idea what the original prompt was, except that it was for [livejournal.com profile] withthepilot)

the red dress )

(NO IDEA as to original prompt or prompter)

something they do )
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Title: Staring at Water Lilies
Pairing: Karl/Serena van der Woodsen (RPF/Gossip Girl crossover)
Length: ~800
Notes: Written as comment!fic for [livejournal.com profile] 1297 ages ago, but her journal seems to have been deleted *sad sad face* so I am reposting here. Original prompt: it's written all over your face. Also, I know nothing of Gossip Girl or Serena but what Google/Wikipedia could tell me in a few minutes when the prompt grabbed me because I cannot resist Karl. WHAT.

- - - )
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Title: Beer and Other Awesome Things in the Shower
Pairing: Karl/OFC
Rating: R
Length: ~600 words
Summary: Karl. Naked Karl. In the shower. That's all you need to know.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] izzyfics blatant Cate-baiting rpf prompt (Karl/OFC - back at his place, in the shower, pinned by the wrists against the wall, after a sweaty workout at the gym) at the Tie Dr. McCoy To All Things Comment Fic-a-Thon

He runs... )
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Title:The Big Easy
Pairing: Karl/OFC
Rating: R, for language mostly. Karl, what a dirty mouth you have!
Length: ~800 words
Summary: Who doesn’t appreciate a woman who can handle a gun?
Notes: Written for one of those Daily Doctor pictures over at [livejournal.com profile] jim_and_bones - the still from Red of cranky-face Karl with a gun. Haha. So. As if I have any idea how weapons are handled on a movie set. Also, I guess this could be considered a Prop Mistress Fic, cousin/stepchild/something of the Wardrobe Mistress Series. *facepalm*

It's a real gun... )
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Dear Gods, what is this RPF madness. I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

Title: you'll end up where you were
Pairing: Karl/OFC
Length: 1300 words (what?!)
Rating: R?
Notes: The results of a case of writing-style envy and a little too much time doing nothing this afternoon. And I guess I kind of like how it turned out. Title and cut text from "3rd Planet" by Modest Mouse.

got this thing that i consider my only art )
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Apparently there IS such a thing as a bad picture of Karl. And of course it needed some 'splaining by way of fic. As always and ever, [livejournal.com profile] affectingly says WRITE and I WRITE and then she gives me shiny things:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Challenge )
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SO. 1500 words of IDEK. It all started with the end, and then I had to find a way to get to the end. But HEY I wrote something this weekend.

Title and cut text from "The Geeks' Guide To World Domination"

sketches of Boba Fett's heavily modified Kuat Systems interceptor )
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Title: The Air I Breathe
Rating: R-ish,
Length: Ficlet
Disclaimer: All fiction, all the time.
Summary: For a prompt by [livejournal.com profile] sleepygoof8784 over at [livejournal.com profile] stxi_sinfest (Getting Away From It All, v.8), title from The Hollies song

The Air I Breathe )
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So, [livejournal.com profile] blcwriter posted a Kirk/McCoy plot tribble - a song called Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons that was eating her brain, and then it started eating my brain, and this is what came out...

Weep and Settle )
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There I was, innocently looking for a larger version of a Karl in the airport picture - all my Karl pics are on my home 'puter - and I find THIS:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

That would be Karl and Franka Potente. Sharing what I'm sure is a friendly kiss (and she doeesn't look all that thrilled, does she), but still, just WHAT!
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Title: What Not To Wear
Pairing: Karl/OFC
Rating: PG-13
Length: 775
Summary: Sort of a stretch of the definition of Wardrobe Mistress, but it's Karl and boxer briefs and I don't think anyone will complain. ;-)
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] ohownovel 's prompt "Karl/Wardrobe Mistress, What Not To Wear" from the Couch Potato Twist Comment!Fic Fest .

What Not To Wear )
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Written for [livejournal.com profile] affectingly  's picspam of AWESOME, including Karl in a black suit getting out of a car

Karl/OFC, R, about 1000 words, very little of redeeming or pertinent quality, movie and London references

She meets him in a taxi... )
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( [livejournal.com profile] ohownovel, this is for you bb!)

YES, IT'S ANOTHER WARDROBE MISTRESS FIC. (Am I going to hell for these? Do I even care?)

don't want it Baudelaire, just glitter lust )
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Pairing: Karl(Kirill)/OFC
Length: 750
Rating: R
Written for prompt from [personal profile] hypatia_82at [info]stxi_sinfest. Karl/OFC. Character research/development. Sometimes when he has trouble getting a character just right, he lets the character go out and find a girl. (if the character happens to be McCoy or Kirill, I might have to promise you my first born)
Note: Many many years ago, I spent a few days in Berlin. There has been much modernization and brightening since then (since the wall came down), I'm sure, but in my mind it will always be a very gray sort of city.

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Behold: (still from Soon The Darkness, found here)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

Yes, that is a gun, and no, he's not happy to see you. But you may admire his lovely hands ALL THE SAME. He will not mind.
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(All because the dvd commentary fic meme running around made me realize i need to do a master fic list post and then realized not all fic was posted.)


Eleven hours on a brand new day
I'm getting ready to go out and play
It's late at night, I'm caught in a groove
I'd kiss my ass before I'm feeling blue

Seven hours, what you calling for?
A bunch of flowers and I slam the door
You're in my face, sorry what's your name?
Takes more than begging to reverse my brain

Say It )

I stand in the distance
I view from afar
Should I offer some assistance
Should it matter who you are

In The Name of Understanding )
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IDK. Except somehow the "I don't want to do laundry tonight" plan from last night turned into "Better shave my legs so I can wear that dress, the last damn thing in my closet I feel like wearing, and oh better get up early to do that!" This craziness brought to you by random Congressionally-ordered changes to the clock and my crazy cat. TYFYT.

Also, as to the Karl Urban Friending Meme. PEEPS. DUDES. If you friend me I will friend you back, because if you love Karl Urban then we're pretty much a sure thing. (Too lazy to find the link at the moment. Tea, earl gray, hot, helping with that. See? RANDOM.)

ALSO, as I type this at 6:50 AM, some woman outside is yelling to someone about they're having fucked something up. WTF.

ALSO, ALSO, I am out of milk so I poured half and half on my granola and damn that's good.


No, really, the whole point of this post was supposed to be posting my fic from the most recent sinfest...so here's ya go:

Karl as a vampire. Except not an especially broody vampire. Because he's KARL, for crying out out loud.

The Blood Thing )

Another Wardrobe Mistress Fic! What did I say a while ago? That I'm going to end up doing one of these for EVERY MOVIE KARL HAS EVER BEEN IN. I'm starting to believe it.

A Cowboy and His Hat )

A terribly bad drabble from a prompt about a book I've never read, but it kinda came to me. Plus, I've never written Winona before.

Always )

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This is how it happened.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Like, it's the world's ugliest sweater. Am I right?


A conversation with [livejournal.com profile] ohownovel  (yes, I will continue to blame credit my enabler. shut up) that went something like this: (lots of lol's and rofl-ing left out for readability.)

McCoy's sweater on the shuttle is truly hideous.

But he's so lovely it doesn't matter.

It just makes you wonder - why is McCoy wearing that hideous sweater?

Because Jocelyn burned all his clothes.

Like, who decided that McCoy should be wearing THAT.

I dunno. He looks like he's been on a bus for ten days. Hobo!

I wouldn't be surprised if Karl had been all "Yeah, that sweater right there, McCoy is wearing that ugly piece."

HAHAHAHAHAHA. YES!!!!!! I want another wardrobe mistress fic now. Where she's like NO FUCKING WAY. And he's like YES. And she's all NO.

You're cracking me up!


OMG. Karl totally brought the sweater himself.

He saw Deforest wearing it once and had to find one JUST LIKE IT.


I write another wardrobe mistress fic! I swear, I'm going to end up doing this for like every movie Karl has ever made. THIS IS NOT GOOD.

The Sweater Incident )
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Title: Mio Sogno, Mia Vita (My Dream, My Life)
Pairing: Karl/OFC
Rating: R-ish
Length: 900
Summary: Hollywood sucks? (I suck at summaries.)
Notes: Filled my own request for a Karl fic with the line "We meet in the strangest places". Title from aria "Chi il bel sogno di Doretta" from Puccini's La  Rondine. Did I mention the angst? (Maybe I'm overstating the angst.)

It's a lie... )


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