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Title: this queen you think you own
Fandom: Prime Suspect
Characters/Pairing: Jane, et al; (Jane/Reg Duffy)
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~1400 words
Summary: Murder, detectives, pseudo-fairytale characters, a beginning.
Notes: Because while we stared at Chris Hemsworth's rugged everything on a movie poster, [livejournal.com profile] erunamiryene said she wanted a story where The Hunter is a woman. So I decided to finally write Prime Suspect fic. And then I went even further off prompt. Or something. Do not even act surprised at my random brain. Fills 27. The hunter from 100 Fairy Tale Prompts

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383 DAYS...
The End of Childhood  -  Dario Marianelli
Brand New Angel  -  Jeff Bridges
Minstrel Boy  -  Joe Strummer
Elegy  -  Bear McCreary
The Lonely  -  Christina Perri
Silent My Song  -  Lykke Li
Bittersweet Melodies  -  Feist
Tower of Song  -  Martha Wainwright
Helplessness Blues  -  Fleet Foxes
Interlude  -  Christina Perri
Knockin' on Heaven's Door  -  Bob Dylan
The World Unseen  -  Rosanne Cash

Whether this will ever get put on a CD or be an album somewhere other than in my head, who knows. But I felt like doing this today. Because I've been mainlining that Christina Perri song. Because 36 years ago today my dad saw my mom across a room and decided that was the girl he was going to marry. Because today I miss him a little more.


Dec. 31st, 2011 11:59 pm
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because I got a place over here for just in case
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Title: walking in your landscape
Fandom: Homeland
Pairing: Brody/Carrie
Rating: R
Summary: a manic pastiche? IDK
Notes: Written for this prompt: Brody/Carrie, Homeland, just cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there over at [livejournal.com profile] falseeeyelashes a festive fucking ficathon. Spoilerish through episode 11.

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Borrowed from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] hiddencait

Tell me about a story I never wrote, and I'll write you a snippet/ficlet/something. Probably in the 100-500 words range, but who knows.

Your request should begin with "The one where..."

Feel free to surprise me! I will also be trying to make these fit into the 100 Fairy Tale Prompts list, because I really am determined to fill that up!

I don't know how fast I'll be getting requests filled (that whole 2 jobs thing, yikes), but I look forward to having fun fanfictiony things to ponder while I work over the next few days.
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Soundtrack for [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang Fic
Kingdom of Love: The Reality of Fantasy
by [livejournal.com profile] nevadafighter

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Title: kiss me, i'm dying
Fandom: Alphas
Pairing: Cameron(/Nina)/Rachel
Rating: PG-13
Length: 700
Summary: It's the details that feed an obsession.
Notes: To fill 58. the girl who does not know herself, from the 100 Fairy Tale Prompts. I finally finished Season 1 of Alphas yesterday - I've been hoarding it in my Hulu queue, like Swiss chocolate, it's so goddamn good. And there's going to be a second season! This makes me happy in my pants SOUL - and now I can finally write fic! Title and cut text from Madonna's "Skin".

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(no idea what the original prompt was, except that it was for [livejournal.com profile] withthepilot)

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(NO IDEA as to original prompt or prompter)

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Title: talking shit again
Pairing: Chris/Zach
Length: ~400
Summary this is how the break-up goes
Notes: Written as comment!fic for [livejournal.com profile] 1297 ages ago, but her journal seems to have been deleted *sad sad face* so I am reposting here. Original prompt: red wine and ambien, you're talking shit again. Here, have the only Chris/Zach I've written ever!

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Title: Staring at Water Lilies
Pairing: Karl/Serena van der Woodsen (RPF/Gossip Girl crossover)
Length: ~800
Notes: Written as comment!fic for [livejournal.com profile] 1297 ages ago, but her journal seems to have been deleted *sad sad face* so I am reposting here. Original prompt: it's written all over your face. Also, I know nothing of Gossip Girl or Serena but what Google/Wikipedia could tell me in a few minutes when the prompt grabbed me because I cannot resist Karl. WHAT.

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Soundtrack for [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang Fic
Writing To Reach You
by [livejournal.com profile] starsandgraces & [livejournal.com profile] withthepilot

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Title: Hot Town
Original Show and Author: The Cartwright Dynasty, by [livejournal.com profile] askita
Character: Alex Cartwright
Summary: Summer in the city. Written for the "weather" drabble challenge at [livejournal.com profile] faketvnetwork
Author's Note: IDK, I'm a sucker for Joe Flanigan as a cop, so I had to play with him.

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Originally posted at [livejournal.com profile] faketvnetwork (join!!!)

Title: Inheritance
Author: [livejournal.com profile] urbancate
Rating: PC-13
Genre/Warnings: Sci-Fi
Author's Note: Casting by [livejournal.com profile] hiddencait
Summary: A world is dying and a family is torn apart. Can any of it be fixed?
Pairings Welcome/Not Welcome: No incest, but otherwise free shipping.

In the late 23rd century, when the seas of Terra rise up to take back the land, few humans are left to witness. Most have decades past moved to colonies on Mars, Venus, or the various terra-formed moons of the Sol system. Only Luna Terra, the first colony, remains un-formed: a sprawling city of silver domes has lit up the pitted face of the moon for longer than before your grandfather's grandfather was born.

The Pacific Ring has been on fire for decades, so the mega quake and resultant flood are no surprise. Scientists have long spelled out the doom of Earth. Of the few thousands who have stuck it out on home, most flee to Luna Terra or beyond.

A handful stay behind.

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It's a COMM FOR FAKE!TV!!!!!!! Because [livejournal.com profile] hiddencait is AWESOME, she has made us a playground specifically for fake!TV concepts and fic.

Come join the fun! [livejournal.com profile] faketvnetwork
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Mix for [livejournal.com profile] het_bigbang Fic
From the Last to the First
by [livejournal.com profile] hiddencait

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Title: the garden that you planted
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Character: Jenna Sommers
Rating: PG
Summary: for this prompt: "Jenna - all I've known is that there is an end then you can begin again" at the TVD Comment Fic-a-Thon
Notes: Apparently, of late, I have been pondering life and death and mortality and all that happy stuff.

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Title: i saw the sky grow dark
Fandom: LOTR movie-verse
Character(s): Boromir, Denethor, Faramir
Rating: PG
Length: ficlet
Notes: Um. IDEK. Because I watched Fellowship of the Ring last night and Boromir breaks my heart.

i saw the sky grow dark )
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Title:I Know This Little Chapel on Betazed
Pairing: Jim/Bones
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~1200 words
Summary: Bones is grumpy. Jim gets hit upside the head with a cluestick.
Notes: A FLUFFY BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR THE FABULOUS [livejournal.com profile] xenstuff (with apologies for the lack of bow ties)

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